Girona Custom Motorcycles S.L. - Specialised mechanics for all custom bikes


The birth of a dream


Girona Custom Motorcycles has a team of professionals who have taken a great experience in different workshops around the world. Luis, a mechanic by trade, saw his first Electra Glide in ’79. When he returned from military service he joined the Corver staff in Barcelona who at the time where ​​the official dealers for Morini, Laverda and Benelli, but also imported Harley. It was there he saw his first books on the Harley-Davidson, so he learned English in order to interpret them. In February of ’88 he left his job there to start at Import Pagès, Yamaha and BMW dealers.


Luis specialized in BMW, doing various courses at BMW Ibérica in Madrid. By ’92 he was the Harley-Davidson mechanic in Girona. The responsibility of working with these Milwaukee beauties made him go to York in ’97, to the new Harley-Davidson assembly plant, where he was fortunate to connect with people who worked there, who taught him all the processes needed for the manufacture of these motorcycles.


After this stay, Luis went to Daytona where he took more mechanical training courses. He was also one of the mechanics chosen to go to Castellon in the year that HOG did their rally. He knows well the Battistini team, because he spent time in Bournamout working with their mechanics. He also went to Sweden to negotiate with the masters of travel bags, T-Bags, where they showed him how to see the whole world from another point of view.


The begining of the business


On December 15th, ’98 he rented out a small place to move forward with his dream, and on January 1, ’99 he inaugurated the first GIRONA CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES workshop. This place had two floors, the bottom where we could find the workshop and the top where you could find all kinds of accessories for both the rider and the bike.


In 2012 GIRONA CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES S.L. expands and moves to a new location; bigger, better located and with more services. The new shop has a large work space, an airbrush and paint shop and bigger store.


The success of this project is due to the daily efforts of Luis and his team and his colleague Luis Recasens.